Requesting Results By Phone

To request results by phone please call 902-473-2266.

Phone system

  • We use an automatic call distribution (ACD) call handling system. Calls are directed to the first available Registration and Reporting Clerk. If all staff are occupied with other calls, your call is placed in a queue (waiting line) so it may be answered in proper sequence.

Message system

  • Once a call has been forwarded to the message system, callers are prompted to leave the necessary information for efficient handling of the call.

To handle your call we require the following

  • Name of calling location (physician office, clinic, nursing unit, hospital)
  • Name of caller
  • Contact phone number
  • Health Card Number of patient (Unit number for NSHA Central Zone patients)
  • First and last names of patient
  • Sample collection date if known (or approximate)
  • Test name if the inquiry is regarding a specific test
  • Fax number if requesting a fax copy